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BIO - James Jackson (Director)


Head of Stakeholder Engagement Strategy – Cadent Gas

“James was absolutely awe inspiring and exactly the voice this organisation needed to hear, so many on the session were moved and inspired and the feedback has been outstanding. It was perfect timing to have this session following the inaugural Race Equality week in the UK.”


Chief People Officer and Member of the Board, E.ON UK

“In working with James, I was consistently impressed by his intellect, impact on the business and ability to engage others with his authentic desire to make the business a more inclusive place to work.”

Pensions Technical Manager – Wesleyan Assurance

“#spacetotalk came to our company to facilitate an event during #Blackinclusionweek. James’s knowledge, delivery and talent shone through. Challenge and support in the right measures! Left a lot of people inspired to #bethechange.”


Director – UKAEA 

“I would like to thank James for all his help and advice over the last year, we will take forward much of the good work he did for us.”

Recognised people and organisational management professional; nominated for National Diversity Awards. I believe great Equality Diversity Inclusion (EDI) and Organisational Development (OD), is not a destination. Instead, it is a journey in response to societal and workforce evolution. I work to embed organisational culture change & development, encourage ‘systematic mindset’ thinking and allyship; to create greater alignment between organisational goals and tangible results. I work in a planned and intentional way, with a view to bringing about a particular result that will improve the overall performance of the organisation. I have successfully delivered various EDI and closely related OD initiatives, enrichment & immersive Learning and Development (L&D) solutions. I have shaped project deliverables, mapped stages of cultural development, driven insight data capture and led community-based engagement. I have a track record of identifying value add 3rd party partnerships. With 10years+ people and program management experience, I pride myself on high standards of output, being a great communicator, passionate person, self-motivated and creatively minded.


  • National Diversity Award nominee in 2019 & 2021 for achievements within the EDI space.

  • Former BAME UK lead and founder of the 1st BAME Steering Group & Employee Network within E.ON UK. 

  • Former member of the Inclusive Companies D&I Leaders consortium.

  • Former EDI Partner to UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). 

  • Founding member of the 

  • Visionary behind EPIC (Ethnic Populations, Intersectionality & Cultures).


  • Director of NXTGEN Learning LTD.

  • EDI Programme Wellbeing Manager SCW NHS.

  • Women in Nuclear (WiN) Central England Committee Member. 

  • Co-Founder of #spacetotalk.

  • Roundtable and Podcast host. 

  • Active Black Inclusion, Non-White EPIC & Mental Health speaker.

  • Event Facilitator. 

  • Poet & Author.

“Great Inclusion, Diversity along with Equality is not a destination. Instead, it is a journey in response to societal evolution”

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