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Inclusion & Diversity, Learning & Development.

Partnering with you to learn the value of Diversity, develop & achieve your Inclusive potential.

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Welcome to NXTGEN Learning LTD

The world of Inclusion, Diversity & Equality can be a daunting space to navigate! NXTGEN Learning can help find your way with over 17 years’ experience, expert knowledge & passion for continued learning and support at every stage.


More than just EDI consultancy, fundamentally the NXTGEN learning partnering approach works by building relationships, trust & creating a safe #spacetotalk and learn.

What does NXTGEN Learning LTD do?

‘The Journey’

In line with NXTGEN’s philosophy: ‘Great Inclusion & Diversity along with Equality is not a destination. Instead, this is a journey in response to societal evolution’; NXTGEN offers a tailored assessment of business and individual needs, infrastructure & culture in order to identify, design and deliver EDI L&D solutions & interventions. In turn NXTGEN works with you to drive change and improve your organisations landscape, towards a more inclusive & diverse workplace and/or culture.


This is achieved by working diligently through the following 4 steps:

  1. Establish business needs & where you are now (understand the journey ahead).

  2. Develop a programme of activity & agree metrics of success.

  3. Tactically implement solutions and measure effectiveness against desired outcomes.

  4. Continually assess progress to understand the impact on performance v’s ROI (review the course plotted to achieve our journey).


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